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Monday, January 26, 2009

Shannon's Review - The White Giraffe by Lauren St. John

Title:: The White Giraffe

Series:: The White Giraffe

Author(s):: Lauren St. John

Genre:: Children's Book

Summary: Martine recently suffered the loss of her parents, and now she must move to Africa with her grandmother. There she finds a connection with animals, especially a white giraffe that's only suppose to be a legend.

Finished: 01/17/2009

Pages: 192

Challenges: 20 Book in 2009(7),


My Thoughts: There are good ideas in this story, like the mythology of the legend of the giraffe and the child, and Martine's powers over animals. But there were some things that just worked out to easily in the end. For example, all of a sudden the grandmother, who didn't seem to like Martine, says she knew everything that was going on and would help Martine save the giraffe. It just seemed very sudden for her to help in the end. So while I liked the ideas in this book, I think the story could have been done better in the end.

About the Author: Lauren St. John has written two other books in this series, with a fourth one due out soon.

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