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Monday, January 19, 2009

Shannon's Review - When Wishes Come True by Gail Herman

: When Wishes Come True
Series:: Fairy School
Author(s):: Gail Herman
Genre:: Children's Chapter Book

Summary: Dorrie Windmist is a fairy, but she just happens to be a very clumsy fairy. She accidentally falls and breaks her wing as her parents are planning a six-inch birthday party for her older sister, Arianna. Because everyone is getting ready for the party, no one is paying attention to Dorrie. She is so jealous of her sister that she wishes she didn't exist, and her fairy godmother shows her just what that would be like.
Pages: 71
Challenges: 20 Books in 2009
Finished: 01/13/2009

My Thoughts:
This shows improvement from Herman's first book, Tooth Fairy Travels. The story is creative in showing what it would be like for Dorrie to have never had a older sister. The words flow nicely through out the book, and the characters are ones kids can relate to.

About the Author: Gail Herman has written many children's books, including a couple of the Disney fairies books. The fairy school series was her first original series of books.

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Alessandra said...

I received Paper Towns today, Shannon! Thank you, it looks great. I've only read the first paragraph but I'm already hooked.