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Monday, December 15, 2008

Musing Mondays

Taken from Just One More Page

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about reading on the go…

I always like to have a book with me at all times – call it a nerdy grown-up security blanket – and rarely do I leave the house without slipping one into my bag (even if I KNOW I’m not going to have a chance to read it). Do you take a book with you? Do you take whatever book you’re currently reading, or do you have a special on-the-go book? And do you have a preference for a these types of book (paperback, hardback; short stories; poetry etc)?

I was always carrying a book with me but then i got a smaller purse and I don't carry books any more. I really want a bigger purse just for the reason of carrying a book with me. Technically I guess it is not true that I don't carry a book because I carry a audio book in my purse for the car. It takes me so long to listen to the audio book because my ride to work is only 15 min. to and then from. So 30 min total. Eventually I will get the done The Book Thief ....eventually. The book can usually be about anything but usually I am reading a teen book or a fantasy book or even a mixture of both.

Check back later tonight to see what signed book I will be giving away at Confuzzled Books. And follow me on Twitter as I read it .


Anonymous said...

I am back to following you! This has been a total nightmare. I've only located 58 of the viewers who are following me. I feel sooooo bad!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and glad you are on Twitter too!