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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Winter's Orphans by Eliane Corvidae Giveaway

Winter's Orphans Giveaway

This signed book comes from a not so well known author Elaine Corvidae. She has written over 16 books, two which are free e-book and you read them at her site here. Winter's Orphans is the first book in the Shadow Fae trilogy.

Here is a summary of the book from the author site: "At the dawn of the Industrial Age, the kingdom of Niune is ruled by the Seelie Court--half-human faelings descended from seelie fae. Sworn to the forces of light, the Seelie Court is dedicated to the destruction of all who bear the taint of unseelie fae blood. And for one young mill-worker in the process of discovering her dark heritage, the struggle to make a living is about to become the struggle simply to survive."

I met this author at FaerieCon and decided to get this book on a whim. I am starting to like more and more finding authors that aren't as well known and reading there books. I use to pick book that were raved about but now I am finding there is so much more I am missing. I didn't get to talk to the author because I am kinda shy and I never know what to say to people. I wish that had now. I suppose I could email her but that makes me nervous to. lol *Shannon's a chicken*

In the book I am finding quotes that I like, like this one;
Duncan sighed, "Our Dreams become smaller and more desperate as we get older. I think. The world strips more from us, until we'd trade anything just to get back what we once had. "

I will try to get a review of the book up Monday but if you would like this signed copy of Winter's Orphans then post in the comments here. This one will end December 14th!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Sounds great. I look forward to reading your review. I am running behind on!

Paradox said...

This sounds so good! I really want to read it! And I would have never heard of it if not for this contest!