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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shannon's Review - Steinbeck's Ghost by Lewis Buzbee

Summary: From the back cover, "Travis looked at the stacks of books on his desk. These were his new life, his real life. A Wrinkle in Time led him to the library. Which led him to Corral de Tierra, which led him to The Pastures of Heaven, which led him to The Long Valley. And these books led him to the other mysteries that surrounded him - Gitano and the Watchers and Steinbeck's ghost - led him deeper into a world he'd never suspected. Books could do that to you. When you read, the world really did change. He understood this now. You saw parts of the world you never knew existed. Books wre in the world; the world was in books."

My Thoughts:There was nothing about this book I did not like. It's a book encouraging young kids to read books. And unlike some books that mention other books, this one does not leave you feeling left out if you have not read the books mentioned. It describes the books, the feel of them and the basics of the story. It made me want to read the books mentioned.
The story of the book is done differently then I have read before - characters from Steinbeck's novels really do feel as if they come to life in it, I could believe they're real. The book isn't scary, maybe a little creepy, but it's really about the love of books and the stories they tell. I still have lines from the book stuck in my head and pictures of how the town Travis looked like the world in A Wrinkle in Time. This was a book that I would read again and again just for the feeling it gives me about reading.

About the Author: Lewis Buzbee has written (according to LibraryThing) 4 other books. Some look like they are hard to come by. He is currently working on a book about Dickens and lives in California.

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