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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Shannon's Review - Nation by Terry Pratchett

Summary: A giant wave sweeps out a village all except for one boy, A ship wrecked on the same island with the boy, a girl in line for the throne of England. More villages make their way in to the island. Mau and the village or "Nation" deal with many real life questions such "As why does God allow bad things to happen?"

My Thoughts: "... I need there to be the old man and the baby and the sick woman and the ghost girl, because without them I would go into the dark water right now. I asked for reasons, and here they are, yelling and smelling and demanding. The last people of the world and I need them. Without them I am just a figure on a grey beach , a lost boy, not knowing who I am. But they know me. I matter to them that's who I am." from Nation by Terry Pratchett

Nation asked questions that we all ask ourselves at some point, about God, about what to believe, and about ourselves. Since this is a fiction book, it is not trying to give you answers to those questions, because it is also asking you how would you deal with what happens to the characters Mau, Daphne and slew of others. If your world ended, would you believe what you were taught to believe? Or would you grow with the change?

The characters were interesting. Especially Mau and Daphne, the main characters. Sometimes I got bored with the other characters and annoyed with one character, or animal, in particular that had every right to get on their nerves.

This book reopened questions that I already had and still have, which made this review hard to write. I wasn't sure what I liked because I have been focusing on the questions and finding answers. I guess what I am saying is I liked the book. It has a message that isn't new but is interesting. It is well written and characters are decent.

About the Author: Terry Pratchett is the author of many Discworld novel, childrens books and other fantasy books. He lives with his wife in England.


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