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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shannon's Review - Midnight Daughter by Karen Chance

Summary: Being a half breed has it kicks for Dorina "Dory" Basarab usually a big kick to the face. She is a dhampir half human, half vampire. She is on a mission to save her friend and roommate. In middle of the search her father wants her for another mission, to capture her insane Uncle Dracula. Dory disagrees with her father
she says she's going to kill Uncle Drac before he kills her first.

My Thoughts: There were many battles in this book. Battles in the background with vampires and mages, or Dark Fey against Light Fey and battles in mind dealing with certain things, and battles going on with family members and then just regular battles. There is also a lot of mythology around the vampire and Fey some new mixed with some old. I'd have to say I liked reading about the mythology more then the battles. I also liked reading about the attraction of Dory and Louis-Cesare. I didn't love this book though. It is weird because when I first started I was sucked in to the world but something changed maybe because at the end of some of the chapters you were already told what was going to happen next. The end was okay I think there are some unanswered questions there though, which is probably why it is the start of a series. I just don't think I will read the next one. By the way I should mention there is one love in there that I think is for the adult variety.

About the Author: Karen Chance has written one other urban fantasy series, the Cassandra Palmer series, which has about 4 books in it so far. She is currently living in Florida.

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Anonymous said...

what a really cute blog :-)

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Thanks for participating!

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Anonymous said...

You are very welcome! :)

Serena said...

I don't like when the chapters tell you ahead of time what is going to happen. UGH.