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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Shannon's Review - Dulcie's Taste of Magic by Gail Herman

Summary : Dulcie the Baking fairy is always in a rush to get things done now, now, now! After a baking incident the queen thinks she needs a vacation.

My Thoughts: I liked Dulcie the baking fairy. I have some similar traits to my personalities as her. I did not how ever like the new fairy Ginger but you aren't suppose to. She almost seem meaner then Vidia. I am not sure what lesson this one was suppose to teach because it wasn't the usually take you and time and smell the roses type lesson. At least it didn't seem like it was. I liked the little adventure that Dulcie had to go on to get her kitchen back though.

About the Author: Gail Herman has written many children book including some early readers. She lives in Newton, MA

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