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Friday, October 3, 2008

Refer a Book Friday

Sorry I am posting so late. Here it is Friday again! Can you believe it is October? You know what I am in the mood for a good inspiring book. A book that will lift my spirits. So if you want to win a book just post your recommendation in the comments. If you have reviewed it post a link to your review if you don't have blog leave your email and tell why you liked the book you chose. I will announce the winner tomorrow!


Becky said...

I'd recommend Christy by Catherine Marshall.

Smilingsal said...

One that's old enough that you might find it in the library--my library has it.

The Justice by Angela Hunt.

It's timely. A woman is elected VP, and the president dies unexpectedly. As the first female president, it's an interesting read.

Yan said...

Ok so my book choice would be Impossible by Nancy Werlin.

Lucy has just approximately 9 months to break her family curse or else her daughter will have the same fate as the previous women in the family. To break the curse, Lucy must complete 3 impossible task and free her family from the clutches of the Elfin Knight.

I loved how the book was inspired by the lyrics of the song, "Scarborough Fair." So that was kind of cool.This book inspires you to achieve goals that everyone thinks is unreachable.

Plus it even includes fairies...okay, an elf...and a evil elf, but they're just small little details. It's still a fabulous so definitely include it to your to-be-read pile =D.


.Books by TJ Baff said...

I am sure that I am too late to enter but here goes...
After River by Debbie Milner.
Books by TJBaff: After River by Donna Milner

have a good weekend.