Project Wonderful

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Winner for 8/30

Let's see if this one will post with a transparent background ...shall we.

Congrats Alessandra who recommended I'm With Stupid by Elaine Szewczyk. Thanks everyone for recommending your favorites!! I had a hard time picking this week they all looked so good! That is part of the reason I am posting so late. Don't forget to if you would like to visit Alessandra's blog click on the faerie above. We will still be doing this next Friday so if you didn't win keep trying I can always use another book to read. ;-)


aoc gold said...
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Alessandra said...

Thank you Shannon! Shall I give you my email address then? It's outofblue1[at]
ot you could find it in my Blogger profile.

Thank you again!