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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

When A Man Loves A Woman by La Connie Taylor-Jones

Victoria (Vic) Bennett has told herself after one marriage under her belt she would never fall in love again. In comes A.J. Baptiste who is desperately trying to get Vic to realize she is in love with him.

My Thoughts: I have been over my romance phase for a while now but I had a chance to get this ARC knowing it was a romance and I thought why not give it a shot. Vic and A.J.'s romance is a very passionate love affair even in the beginning when Vic tries everything in her power to not fall in love with A.J. He on the hand, comes up with some patience schemes to get her to realize they are meant for each other. A.J. also has twin girls at the beginning of the book who Vic also adores and I noticed that two other couples had twins as well which had me wonder what the reason for that was. There was a lot of convenient things that would happen in the book. For example Vic had sort of moved in with A.J. while he recovered from injuries and because he was hurt she realized her feelings. This happened pretty early in the book so I can say the book didn't dawdle which I think is a good thing. There were some fiery passionate loves scenes that were pretty decent and sometimes over exaggerated but hey it's a romance what should I expect. The one thing that did bother me was there were a few nicknames for each character and sometimes I would get confused at who was talking about who. I eventfully worked it out after rereading things a couple of times. I liked the characters and I can see why the author as used them in one book before this and plans to continue to use them. Over all I would say a pleasant read.

About the Author:
La Connie Taylor-Jones is married and a mother of four. She has written one other book entitled When I am With You.

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Anonymous said...

I've often wondered why we say because it's romance, it's okay for a book to be exaggerated. I didn't feel this way until I read an extremely fantastic romance. Ever since cracking down on my rating. Even in the paranormal romances, there has to be some believability or why read it. Does that make sense? said...

Hi Shannon,

Even though you've been over your romance reading phase for a while, I am so glad that you requested a copy of LaConnie's latest romance to read and review. Your review is wonderful . . . THANK YOU!