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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Weekly Geek #13

This week’s theme is a sort of meme. (Hey, I rhymed!) Your basic challenge is to post author photos.

Using the meme-like list below, post photos of authors in response. Please feel free to skip any you don’t like. You’re also free (encouraged!) to add your own, but if you do that, please be sure to indicate which are yours, so that people can credit you if they use yours.

But don’t put words/names with your photos. Ask your readers to guess your answers! If you have a book to give away, you may want to offer a prize, maybe draw a name from those readers who guess correctly.

1. Photos of your favorite author(s).
2. Photo(s) of the author(s) of the book(s) you’re currently reading.
3. Photo(s) of any author(s) you’ve met in person (even very briefly).
4. A youtube of (an) author(s) you’ve heard speak.
5. Any photo(s) you may have of yourself with an author.
6. A photo of the author of the book you’ve most recently finished.
7. Photos of the hottest author(s)!






I will give the person who gets all the authors any book that they want from there own wishlist. Number 3 will be hard because he is not well known for his book but he is well known.


Alessandra said...

Number 2 is Stephenie Meyer! Unfortunately I don't know the others. Fun contest!

debnance said...

I'm discovering that I do not recognize many authors, even those I read often!

mary_m said...

#7 is John Green, right?

Smilingsal said...

This is way too difficult for me!

Confuzzled Books said...

Alessandra and mary m are right. :-)

Anonymous said...

not a clue...

Anonymous said...

Stephenie Meyer - that's all I know!