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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pandora Gets Vain by Carolyn Hennesy

Summary: Yes this is the infamous Pandora from Greek myths who is known for opening the box she was not supposed to open. Well, Pandora does just that: She brought the box in for show and tell at school, and someone opened it. Opening the box released the seven evils of the world, and now to save her family from Zeus's wrath, 13-year-old Pandora must go on a quest to retrieve them. In this book, the second in the series, Pandora and three friends search for the escaped evil Vanity.

My Thoughts: This is very similar to the Rick Riordan series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, except its main characters are mostly girls. It is not written real girly like. Well at least the second book isn’t. I don’t know about the first book, Pandora Gets Jealous, because I didn’t read it. I don’t feel like I missed too much from not reading the first book, though. It seems as though this book takes off right where Jealous must have left off. It is action packed, and Pandora and her friends get into a couple of close calls. This book also combines the Greek Gods with Egyptian Gods, which is a fun combination. There is something different then the Percy Jackson Series that I can’t put my finger on. Maybe it is the fact that the author writes the way the characters speak as if it is the present day, but after reading it, I am pretty sure this book takes place in the very distant past. This book is an advanced reader copy and will not be released until Sept 2008. 3.5 Stars out of 5

About the Author: This is the second book for author/actress Carolyn Hennesy, the first being Pandora gets Jealous. She's probably most known for her role on General Hospital. She has also been in theater and some films.


Smilingsal said...

Dare I be greedy and say, "I want that book"?

Shannon said...

lol I think I see a flaw in my plan. I will have to adjust somethings but yes you can have this one also.