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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Summary: Isabella “Bella” Swan moves in with her father to Forks. She makes new friends and finds an interest in strange looking boy and his family. Soon realizes she is in love with the boy, Edward, who is a vampire.

My Thoughts: Should I say it… okay I was actually paid to discuss this book at work and apparently I was the only person to read it. Go me! I have to say I don’t usually get involved in books that have romances and I thought it would be a negative point for this book but I did really enjoy it. The romance between Edward and Bella is delicate and ravenous at the same time. I loved the fact that they didn’t always agree on things. The fact that they are both stubborn is humorous. Then you are teased just little with bits of fantasy and myth. I am hooked to the series after reading this book and the first couple chapters of the next book, New Moon. I also see why after the release of Twilight the publishers re-released the L.J. Smith book the Vampire Diaries. I remember reading them in my teen and this did remind me a little bit like them but Twilight was also different. 4.5 Stars

About the author: Stephenie Meyer’s came to sign at the bookstore I work in but I wasn’t working there at the time. Others who talked to her tell me that she got the idea for Twilight from dreams she had been having and many of the scenes in the books come straight from her dreams. Twilight was her first book and first series. She has also written The Host, which I am also reading but behind on (Sorry, Becky), I heard this is also going to be a series.


Alix said...

Gosh I wouldn't mind having dream like that :) Instead I get the all my teeth have fallen out dream!

I adored Twilight and I can't wait for Breaking Dawn to see how it all finishes.

Bluestocking said...

Hey I reviewed this book this week too!

I thought Bella was annoying.

Confuzzled Books said...

Alix - I can't wait for the release party at my work for Breaking Dawn as well. I reserved my copy even though I haven't read all of New Moon yet.

Bluestocking - where is your review I would like to read it. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love, I love, I love this series! Wait until you get to the thrid book, my favorite!