Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Shame of Man by Piers Anthony

Summary: This story follows a man, Hue, and later his family through trials and tribulations. Their stories are starting from 8millions years ago in different reincarnations throughout time to the year 2050.

My Thoughts: This book is sequel to Isle of Woman, which I did like a lot This one was good but not as good as the first. Shame of Man mostly revolved around the character Hue, or Hugh or other variations of his was used also. Revolving around one character made it different from the first book because the first had two main characters and it was more of a love story. This one was more about struggles of man versus evil or man vs. survival. There was more history and mythology involved in this also, which I found in parts were kinda of dry and hard for my thought process. I had a problem with trying to figure out in each chapter reincarnation, who was who because their names changed slightly each time to fit the area a time period. It also had characters from the first book in the series so I was trying to remember them as well and sometimes coming up blank. Then there was new character to which I would try to figure out if I had met them yet. So that made it a little frustrating. I still like the book and the thought of the way it is written but whether I will read the third one in the series, Hope of Earth, is up in the air. On one side I really liked Isle of Woman but on the other Shame of Man was only so so. Maybe it was just the fact that the story was man vs. evil and that there is always a balancing act between the two and not yay good won! I don’t know resembles life to much for me. Yet if it had been yay good wins I probably would have said predicable. (shakes head at self) 3 Stars

About the Author: Piers Anthony is probably better known for his fantasy series on the world of Xanth. He mostly writes fantasy and science fiction. He has written other novels about historical fiction such as this series.

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