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Monday, July 7, 2008

The Host Chapter 1-6

This for Becky's Online Reading Group Disscusion of Chapters 1 - 6 of Stephanie Meyer's The Host.

There will probably be spoilers so don't read if you don't want to know.

Day 1: July 7th. Discuss chapters 1-6 (pp. 1-58 )
As “homework” to read between 7/7 and 7/9 read pp. 59 - 117 (Chapters 7 - 12)
How did you feel about this prologue? Did the thought of an alien being being ‘inserted’ into an unconscious and unwilling human host make you squirm a bit? Or not so much? Did this process remind you of any other science fiction?
The Thought of an alien being being inserted into someone is an uncomfortable thought but not really a shocking thought because you see in movies and tv shows often enough.

Did the assertion that these ’souls’ these ‘aliens’ were “by nature all things good, compassionate, patient, honest, virtuous, and full of love” strike you as odd? Would a compassionate and honest race really take over the galaxy? Would seeking to wipe out entire races on planets really qualify them as such? It sounds like xenocide* to me. To their perspective, to their thinking, they’re doing the hosts (all the hosts not just humans) a favor. To them violence–even though they are the invaders–is self-defense. It’s not “murder,” it’s “self-preservation.”

It doesn't strike me as odd because it the way we think ... well some think anyway... we think to create peace in one country means kills those that we think aren't peaceful.

Did you see Fords Deep Waters as a sympathetic character since he seemed compassionate in part. “I regret this day’s work.” and “This is the rare occasion when Healing creates an injury.”
He did seem a little compassionate but I don't feel he is on the human side.


It wasn’t a pleasant first/last memory was it? It must be strange to experience this memory that isn’t really and truly you–almost like a nightmare except that you know it’s true or true enough.

I have experienced such things (not being taken over by an alien no that silly) as thoughts that aren't real or really mine so yeah I know for a fact that it is scary.

I liked that we are introduced into story as it is already in process. It makes it more interesting.


Now we see a Seeker and a Healer getting into quite an argument. Seekers aren’t too pleasant are they? It’s hard to see them as anything other than the enemy. But this Healer sounds more peaceful, more compassionate. Although it could be a deceptive perception. Still, he seems more genuine than the Seeker. What do you think?

I still don't think he is for humans even as compassionate as he maybe.

What do you think of this “peace” and “harmony” being the result of slaughter, of murder, of genocide?
It not surprising that people or aliens have the thought that genocide works to bring peace.

“The planet called Earth was as peaceful and serene as it looked from space, invitingly green and blue, wreathed in its harmless white vapors. As was the way of the soul, harmony was universal now.”

Is bloodshed always the price for peace?

In some I think it might be because if we didn't know war and murder we wouldn't know that we do want peace. We have to know one extreme to know the other.

Do these alien souls really lack the ability to lie? Is “good citizenship” really just a part of their essence, their nature?
I don't think that they can't lie I just think that they notice the telling feature in a person who does lie. It's all in speech and body movement.

The fact that on each planet they adapt their name (Soul) to fit each planet made it even creepier.


In this chapter you feel what Melanie feels . When there is relief that Jared is safe you feel relief.


More of Melanie is revealed. We “remember” through a dream Melanie’s meeting Jared. We “remember” as well the existence of Melanie’s brother, Jamie. Any first thoughts or impressions of Melanie? Of Jared? Jared Howe.

I was a little confused the beginning of this chapter I thought we were being introduced to someone else but was glad when I found out it was a memory. I don't know why it made me glad but it did.


The scenes with the Comforter or what we would call a Therapist is almost humorist speaking as someone who sees one.


It's good to hear Melanie's thought and how she is overtaking the Wanderer. Yay Melanie!

Want to share your thoughts so far? Are you finding it boring? exciting? only so-so? Who is your most favorite character so far? Who is your least?
I am finding pretty exciting . My most favorite character so far is Melanie. Least fav I guess the Seeker or the Wanderer. Can you tell I don't want the Wanderer to win. lol

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