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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sweetheart by Chelsea Cain

Archie Sheridan is learning to deal with his life, his job and his wife after he was attacked by the Beauty Killer, Gretchen Lowell. Gretchen is now in jail but not for long.

Back of Book From ARC

Gretchen Lowell has escaped.
Will Archie Sheridan ever break free?
" I want to see you."
He could hear her breathing.
Her long, light breaths only made his breath seem more strangled.
"Soon," she said
"Then you are still in the area?"
Archie asked, glancing up at Henry to make sure he heard.
She took another breath, exhaled.
"I want to be close to you."
"Where are you?" Archie asked.
"Where are you?"
"Gretchen, " Archie said "Don't kill anyone else, okay?'...
The line went dead and Archie sat with the phone in his hand, only then realizing that he had been gripping it so tightly that his fingers ached.

My Thoughts: Mysteries aren't usually my favorite and at the start of the book I kept asking myself why is Archie so attracted to Gretchen she tried to killed him. I just couldn't understand it. This coming from a person who did not read the first book in the series, Heart Sick. When the serial killer Gretchen Lowell was on the page she was captivating. In the beginning I wasn't in touch with the characters they seemed boring but bringing Gretchen in made it more enticing. Less then halfway through I was eager to find out about what was going to happen... Was the bad guy/gal gonna win? Was the bad guy/gal really that bad? From what I gather in the last book Gretchen tired to kill Archie in a very unpleasant way. I couldn't understand at first why Archie was so obsessed with her I kept thinking I was missing something. Then I let it go and realize that the character like real life were not perfect. All of them had been damaged at some point. Whether it was a drug induced husband obsessed with another woman or a naive journalist still living with her hippie mother. I think what made the book was how secretly people spoke of Gretchen in the book then you are introduced to her and you want to know more. You want to understand her and sometimes it was hard to believe she was a killer. That last thought never lasted long though. The story wasn't all Gretchen either there was another mystery tied into the mystery that is Archie Sheridan and Gretchen Lowell. The author Chelsea Cain communicates well that all people aren't perfect even down to the children who have there faults as well. I am not saying that is good or bad but that it reflects life. At first I thought my review was going come down to I didn't like it or I couldn't connect because I didn't read the first one. I was wrong. This book was always on my mind when I put it down I don't know why. And as for the first book and not reading I don't think you have to read it but if you want to know more about the characters then you will probably want to read it

About the Author: Reading about the author Chelsea Cain you can see she has a quirky sense of humor which does sometimes come out in the book Sweetheart. My favorite laugh out loud moment was when Susan's mother Bliss is doing yoga naked and everyone walk in on her and she just keeps on going. Ms. Cain also a knack for bringing the dark side of a serial killer to life. You can visit her at her website for some reason it hasn't been updated for the new book which is due out in September 2, 2008.

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